The MPN-RC Structure

Thirteen different institutions are currently participating in the MPN-RC. Each institution has its own unique intellectual environment, clinical and research facilities.

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Discovery Science

Project 1

Molecular Pathogenesis and Therapy of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Discovery Science

Project 2

Defining the Role of Megakaryocyte Abnormalties in the Progression of Primary Myelofibrosis

Discovery Science

Project 3

Development of Strategies to Deplete Myelofibrosis Stem Cells

Discovery Science

Project 4

MPN-RC Clinical Consortium

MPN-RC Cores

Core A (Administrative Core)

Principal Investigator: Ronald Hoffman, MD

Research Program Director: Lina Jung – Research Program Director

The Administrative Core A provides the infrastructure for and coordinates all activities of the MPN Research Consortium (MPN-RC) to support all projects and cores, plan and staff committee and board meetings, administer and oversee all budgets and related sub-contracts. In addition, Core A maintains communications between members of the MPN-RC, the project sponsor, and external organizations. It assures that National Cancer Institute (NCI) reporting requirements and National Institutes of Health (NIH) regulations are met.

Core B (Tissue Bank Core)

Principal Investigator: Rona Weinberg, PhD

The MPN-RC Tissue Bank Core provides the infrastructure to transport, receive, process, store, and distribute tissue specimens obtained from patients with MPN as well as patients enrolled on clinical trials. These specimens are provided to MPN-RC investigators performing translational research for the purpose of developing innovative therapies (Projects 1-3) and to perform biomarker analyses with which to evaluate the effectiveness of specific therapies to deplete MPN (HSC/HPC). The specimens distributed by Core B are the fuel which drives the MPN-RC scientific engine.

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Core C (Biostatistics and Data Management Core)

Principal Investigator: Amylou Dueck, PhD

The Biostatistics and Data Management Core is responsible for all statistical and data management activities for each of the Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Research Consortium (MPN-RC) projects including all clinical trials. The Core is constituted to provide state-of-the-art statistical collaboration and data management support to all clinical and translational research projects. The Core provides statistical expertise including experimental design for laboratory studies, statistical modeling, analysis of high-dimensional data, analysis of patient-reported outcomes, design and analyses of correlative studies using biospecimens, and sound clinical trial design, monitoring, and analysis. The Core also provides state-of-the-art web-based data management through Mayo Clinic’s data management infrastructure with all clinical trial, biomarker, and tumor bank data captured in Medidata Rave.

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Core D (Biomarker and Bioinformatics Core)

Principal Investigator: Raajit Rampal, MD, PhD

The Biomarker and Bio-Informatics Core provides correlative biomarker analyses arising from all MPN-RC clinical trials and tissue banking efforts. The Core also provides select assays for Projects 1-3 which are used by multiple projects. The integration of state-of-the-art and novel biomarker assays offered by Core D, with robust preclinical and clinical studies will afford a unique opportunity to gain new genomic, epigenomic and biologic insights into MPN pathogenesis.

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