The MPN-RC Structure

Thirteen different institutions are currently participating in the MPN-RC. Each institution has its own unique intellectual environment, clinical and research facilities.

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Discovery Science

Project 1

Molecular Pathogenesis and Therapy of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Discovery Science

Project 2

Defining the Role of Megakaryocyte Abnormalties in the Progression of Primary Myelofibrosis

Discovery Science

Project 3

Development of Strategies to Deplete Myelofibrosis Stem Cells

Discovery Science

Project 4

MPN-RC Clinical Consortium

Project 1

Project 1: Molecular Pathogenesis and Therapy of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Principal Investigator: Ross Levine, PhD

Dr. Ross Levine will develop strategies that more effectively target JAK-STAT signaling than the currently available JAK1/2 inhibitors which have been approved by the FDA.  He will explore how mutations in a signaling effector (JAK2) and a chromatin modulator (ASXL1) cooperate to dysregulate epigenetic/transcriptional output, alter signaling and promote disease progression.  He will then evaluate how treatment with type II JAK2 inhibitors alone and in combination with epigenetic directed agents, such as an EZH2 inhibitor, are effective at depleting MPN HSCs with a specific focus on ASXL1-mutant, high risk MF.

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